Dear Valued Customer,

Kindly take note of the precautionary measures below for a secure transaction at our ATMs:

  • Immediately sign onto GCB’s SMS Alert Service if you have an ATM card. This will enable you closely monitor transactions on your account.
  • Make sure your ATM card and PIN are always well-secured and not easily accessible to anybody. Change your PIN regularly– This is a MUST
  • At the ATM do NOT solicit or accept assistance from anybody lurking be they clothed in uniform or not.
  • Quickly scout the area around to ensure there is no visible foreign device attached to the ATM.
  • Ensure that the green light is blinking before slotting in your card.
  • When entering your PIN at the ATM, ensure that the keypad is shielded from the view of any other person or camera.
  • After any transaction, scrutinize your slip or statement to ensure you have total control of all transactions.
  • If you are suspicious of any activity or person at the ATM do not use that machine.
  • We, on our part, have our cameras monitoring activities around for your security

Promptly report any issue of concern to our Customer Service Help lines on 0302-681531/33, 0202111177/0277758114 should you encounter any problem.

Do remember that service for you is free at our ATM and there, we have direct control of your security.

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