Link2Home is an account designed for Ghanaians living and resident abroad.

If you live abroad and wish to maintain financial links with Ghana, this is the account for you. Open, control and maintain your Ghana bank accounts wherever you live in the world, with a Link2Home Account from GCB.

Key account benefits

  • Ghanaians resident abroad can maintain a financial link back home.
  • Accounts can be opened in Cedis.
  • Accounts can also be opened in US Dollar, GBP or Euro currency, which can be operated as either a Foreign Currency or Foreign Exchange account.
  • Customers have complete access to their Cedi account from all GCB branches and ATMs using GCB MasterCard or Visa card locally or abroad.
  • Applicants can open Savings, Current and Trust Accounts.
  • A customer can open more than one type of account eg, Cedis & USD Accounts,
  • Cedi and Foreign Investment options.

Application requirements for Individuals:

All requirements for Current Account and Savings Account opening for individuals apply to GCB Link2Home Account.

More great benefits

  • Access to internet banking.
  • You can issue standing instructions for regular payment of insurance premiums, mortgages, school fees etc.
  • Advisory service on high-interest yielding investment products.
  • e-statements and e-alerts.

Who can apply?

  • Link2Home Accounts can only be opened by Ghanaians resident abroad.
  • An Individual Account, a Joint Account or a Trust Account can be opened for either all parties being Ghanaians or one being a Ghanaian.
  • Accounts can be opened as a Current Account or as a Cedi Savings Account.


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