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You want safer and more secure banking by carrying less cash, while still having the ability to pay for goods and items whenever you need them. With GCB debit cards, you have complete access to your money from any ATM, plus you can make payments at many stores and outlets locally and worldwide without the need for cash.

You can use your card for online payments.

As the largest issuer and most reliable provider of cards in Ghana today, you can be assured of complete security and financial peace of mind with a debit card from GCB.


Readycash The perfect debit card for you.

GCB Readycash Debit Card
GCB Readycash Debit Card

When you open a new account at GCB, you will receive a free Readycash card, giving you easy access to your money from any ATM in Ghana.

You can check your balance, make withdrawals, get a mini statement and even transfer funds between your accounts from any GCB ATM.

You can also use your GCB debit card to shop at many stores in Ghana, instead of carrying cash around.

When using the card to make purchases or cash withdrawal, the amount is instantly deducted from your bank account and recorded in your account statement.

You can also use your GCB debit cards for online payments.

The perfect shopping and travel companion, our debit cards help you keep track of your finances and manage your budgets.

If you travel outside Ghana, a GCB MasterCard or Visa card will give you access to your account from millions of ATMs and Point of Sales devices worldwide.



GCB MasterCard /Visa are electronic payment cards that allows cardholders to transact business through any MasterCard, Cirrus, Maestro and Visa branded terminals such as the ATM and the POS (Point of Sale) anywhere in the world.



  • The Customer’s card is accepted in over 30 million locations worldwide
  • Customers can have access to their funds 24/7 from the ATMs/POS’
  • Used for payments on POS devices
  • Card information can be used to perform online purchases
  • The card can be used on all GCB ATMs and on other banks’
  • Transaction details appears on customer’s statement for easy reconciliation
  • Safer and more secured to use than cash



It is a brand name for the common platform ( the National Switch) that links the payment systems of all Banks and other financial institutions in Ghana. This is facilitated by the use
of a smartcard called e-zwich card issued by the financial institutions.

Registration Process

  • All ten fingerprints are captured (three images per finger)
  • The images are scored and used to generate a fingerprint template stored on the host (server)
  • A copy of the template is stored on the cardholders smartcard to enable offline authentication


• Access to increased transaction points.
• Ensures security of monies paid and received - biometric.
• Increased flexibility of transaction



  • Capacity to automatically credit, debit and to process transactions online and offline
  • Personal safety for cardholders and service providers – biometric
  • Biometric verification of transactions.
  • Usage on ATM and POS terminals for cash withdrawal and payments
  • Low transaction cost arising from interoperability which facilitates large volumes of transactions