GCB Sponsors 2018 Citi-Heritage Caravan: Day 1

GCB Sponsored Heritage Caravan


Dozens of participants for this year’s Heritage Caravan, organized by Citi FM with sponsorship from GCB Bank your Bank for life set off from Accra on Sunday 4th March, 2018. The Heritage Caravan is expected to be an adventurous journey across the country.

The journey started  today from Ga Mashie after a Kenkey Party earlier in the morning. 

Participants expressed their excitement ahead of the 7-day long trip which will see them visit most of the country’s famous tourist sites.


After a visit to James Town participants were exposed and educated on history behind some of the neighbourhoods in Accra. Later participants visited the frederiksgave slave village in Aboboki where it is believed some slaves in the Gold Coast worked for some Danish slave masters.

Later the bus moved to the Volta Region later in the day after touring Ga Mashie and Abokobi.

in the Volta Region, participants visited Agortime Kpetoe and paid a courtesy call on the Chiefs and people of Agotime. This was characterised by pomp and pageantry and a showcase of the rich ewe culture. Participants also enjoyed a display of the borborbor’ a dance notable among the Ewes. 

The heritage caravan is sponsored by GCB Bank as part of corporate social responsibility drive to improve tourism development in Ghana.

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