The Foreign Currency account (FCA) is a current account opened for individuals and entities who transact in foreign currencies.


  • FCAs are operated in three (3) different currencies namely: British Pound (£) American Dollar ($) Euro(€)
  • The FCA is a current account that does not accept cash deposits over the counter
  • The account may be credited with transfers/cheques in foreign currency from abroad or transfers from other FCAs.
  • Balances on the FCA are freely transferable to any account at the existing exchange rate.
  • The account could be debited for payments, transfers to other foreign accounts, and for purchases of external currencies.
  • Withdrawals can be done in local currency (Cedis) at the prevailing exchange rate or in the currency of the account depending on availability.
  • Withdrawals in the foreign currency will attract a specified percentage of the face value of the amount.



  • Helps to facilitate foreign business transactions.
  • Interest is paid on the account if the balance is above a specified thresholds.
  • Access to account information at all branch network and other platforms