Better business banking with GCB

An unrivalled financial partner for all your business and corporate requirements.

With over 60 years of commitment to encouraging and supporting business growth in Ghana, there is no better bank in the country to trust with your important financial affairs.

No matter what size you are - startup, sole trader, entrepreneur, small / medium business or a national or international corporation, we have the experience, understanding, products and services to meet your needs.

We offer everything you could need in a financial partner, with a variety of products and services, including international money transfer, overdraft facilities, bulk cash collection, trade finance, payroll solutions, business advice, internet banking and more.

We believe great business is built on great relationships, so we take the time to get to know you and your business and establish a long and prosperous partnership with you.

Our team of experienced professionals go beyond a friendly smile and a warm welcome to ensure all your business needs are met to the highest standards.


GCB Bank Personal Loan Form

Exchange rates - Apr, 23 2018
Currency Buying Selling
USD 4.3400 4.4500
GBP 6.1000 6.2500
EURO 5.3500 5.4800
CAD 3.4000 3.5200
YEN 0.0390 0.0450
CHF 0.0000 0.0000

Committed to Ghana

Founded in 1953, GCB was started with the specific aim to serve and support Ghanaian workers, traders, farmers, and business people, to empower them to achieve success with locally sourced funding.
Since then, GCB has gone on to become Ghana's biggest independent bank, with the financial strength and capability to support those who contribute to the growth of the country.
We are proud to be a Ghanaian bank and remain focused and committed to the success and prosperity of the people and businesses in the country.

Further information

To find out more about these or any other SME / corporate products and services provided by GCB, please contact our dedicated business and corporate team.